ASCIA connects the Carrecastro wind farm in Valladolid to the grid

The construction of the ‘Carrecastro’ wind farm (Tordesillas – Valladolid), which ASCIA has promoted, in collaboration with Falck Renewables, has enabled to develop an important archaeological campaign, with the purpose of analyzing the settlement of the Cogotas’ culture during the Bronze Age in the immediate area.

These studies represent a major progress in terms of archaeological research, and have made possible to learn a more detailed view of this culture’s from social and economic aspects, providing added value to the earned knowledge.

From ASCIA, we keep our efforts in our engaged commitment to the local community and social development, from a human and sustainable point of view. For this reason, we have promoted both the excavation works and the informative lectures and conferences, which have been jointly organized with the Tordesillas City Council and Patrimonio Inteligente. These were carried out in January during the Archaeological Week, and joined by different schools in the area.

ASCIA highlights the need to work with the highest respect to community, social and economic interests all together aligned. It is undoubtedly the case that this intervention has proven to be a great opportunity to both, the team of archaeologists –in terms of scientific knowledge, and to the society, –in the field of heritage management and its cultural values.

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