ASCIA connects the Carrecastro wind farm in Valladolid to the grid

ASCIA Renovables connects the Carrecastro wind farm to the grid and begins to inject electrical energy in December. The wind farm is allocated the auctioning rights tendered out by the Government in 2017 and, thanks to this milestone, the commissioning requirements have been met before the end of 2019.

Carrecastro wind farm consists of four turbines and a total power of 10 MW, which will generate up to 34 GWh of electricity each year and will be able to supply renewable energy to the grid equivalent to the consumption of 10,000 households per year.

The wind farm works, located in the municipal areas of Tordesillas and Velilla (Valladolid), began in March 2019. ASCIA, with an extensive experience in project management, has been able to connect to the grid in record time: just 9 months. This brings to 9 the number of wind projects in which the company has been involved during the last two decades.

The project has been developed while keeping to the company´s social commitment to the local community. The work has been carried out without affecting the regime of crops in which the wind farm is located, while at the same time improving accessibility to the zone.

ASCIA performs the integral promotion of renewable energy plants, for both wind farms and photovoltaic plants, from its initial stage of site location and resource studies, to project management, work supervision and commissioning.

The Carrecastro wind farm is a major milestone, as it demonstrates ASCIA’s firm commitment to the fight against climate change, and its capacity to develop renewable energy projects under the most demanding quality requirements and time constraints.

ASCIA has begun the new year 2020 with renewed energy and willing to contribute to a change in the energy model, and improving the environment.

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