Best guarantee
for a high profitability.

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With over 30 years thoughtful experience, from the wind resource assessment to the engineering of wind, solar PV, hydro and solar thermal plants. We are now focused as project developers and independent power producers (IPP).

The selection of the best opportunities and the strict control of costs throughout the projects’ lifespan are the best guarantees for high profitability.

Active through all the value chain.

  • Technical-economic feasibility assessment
  • Incorporation and rights-assignment to project vehicle companies (SPVs)
  • Land negotiation and securing through bankable agreements
  • Identification of connection power-grid points
  • Project management to secure all rights to connect to the electricity grid
  • Permiting management: environmental & administrative authorizations; granting of public interest, urban planning permits and municipal construction licenses.
  • Participation in capacity contests.
  • Preliminary design and detailed engineering
  • Design optimization
  • Energy yield assessment
  • EPC request for quotations, negotiation and execution of contracts
  • Work quality and execution control
  • Plant legalization and commissioning
  • Monitoring of projects to ensure that they meet
    satisfactory conditions for financing
  • PPAs negotiation
  • Administrative and financial control: backoffice,
    accounting and treasury services
  • Investors search and financial structuring
  • Asset management
  • Negotiation and supervision of O&M contracts
  • Analysis, assessment and resolution of breakdowns and major corrective actions
  • Collection of plants’ performing data through remote monitoring
  • Real-time integration of production data and generated alarms

In line with our passion, and committed to our projects, partners and investors, we operate wind and solar PV plants. Our experience and know-how enables us to optimize operating and maintenance costs, as well as to solve emerging problems..

Our experience on the electricity market enables us to optimize the revenues fron the power generated marketing.

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