Refurbishment of the Olímpica service station (Alcorcón, Madrid)

ASCIA EAS inaugurated the cafeteria and restaurant opening of our Olímpica service station located in Calle Fraguas 1, in Alcorcón (Madrid).

ASCIA keeps on innovating and expanding the facilities by adapting the stations with the aim of offering customers the greatest possible number of services, such as recharging points for electric cars, washing and vacuum cleaning areas with new state-of-the-art machinery.

The washing area boasts the incorporation of a new rollover car wash supplied by a leading brand, a renewed installation of the two pressure washing boxes, the replacement of the vacuum cleaners, also supplied by the same leading brand, and the air-water post.

The entire area has been resurfaced, adapting the curbs and the islets for improved circulation of customers within the facilities.

The interior of the station has been completely renovated and modernized, making better use of the available space and creating a large cafeteria-restaurant area, providing all installation with a pleasant LED lighting, the latest air conditioning, piped music, a bright shop display area, as well as the complete refurbishment of the bathrooms.

The station has been completely refurbished, including a new corporate sign of the BP oil company.

The inauguration was attended by some sixty guests, with the presence of José Antonio Corchado (founding partner and CEO), Pedro Oliveira (Retail Director Portugal & Spain) and several guests of the oil company, as well as partners and collaborators from the sector.

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